Memberships are available on an annual basis from April 1st through Mar 31st, Life Memberships are currently Not available. If and When they become available again, that information will be here. Keys to the gate will be reissued annually during March.

Annual Memberships: $100

As part of the application process, you will need to supply a criminal background history. These can be obtained from the State of Utah , Department of Public Safety, Bureau of Criminal Identification. Applicants with a valid Utah concealed firearms permit may use that permit as proof of the background check.

CLICK HERE for the BCI criminal background history application
CLICK HERE for the Centerville Small Arms Association application

Before an applicant recieves a key, they must have a range safety and operations briefing. These briefings are shown in the range schedule.

Membership cards must be displayed when at the range. Membership cards will be switched to cards with pcitures in the future

Members are required to complete 5 hours of labor at the range, participating in board authorized work projects during the year, as a condition of their membership. Those not showing 5 hours may get their new key issued with an additional $50 fee. Those with completed work hours do not incur this fee.

If there are any questions about membership, email

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