1. THE WEB SITE WWW.CENTERVILLESMALLARMS.ORG WILL BE CHECKED for announcements on the main page, and the range schedule page every time before going to the range! Scheduled events have priority for range use.
  2. NO LOANING OF RANGE KEY! Any member who duplicates or loans his range key or membership card shall be subject to expulsion.
  3. PAPER TARGETS ONLY may be used on the range. This means NO STEEL! Users caught using steel will lose their membership
  5. ALL SHOOTERS MUST REMOVE THEIR USED TARGETS, EXPENDED BRASS AND TRASH, and put away anything they got out of the target storage containers.
  6. NO USE AFTER SUNSET. No Fires, No Camping.
  7. NO SHOTGUN, AUTOMATIC RIFLE, or LARGE CALIBERS (CheyTec or 50 BMG) will be fired.
  8. Incendiary, tracer, or armor piercing ammunition, or exploding targets shall not be used.
  9. The Red Range Flag at the 300 yard firing berm will be flown whenever the range is in use. The last one leaving is responsible for lowering the flag.
  10. No bullet impacts outside of the 3 range backstop areas located just behind each of the 2 target frame pits, or the berm directly in front of the 200/300 pits are permitted. This means no shooting to the east, and no shooting by the upper gate.
  11. No Firearms will be handled while persons are forward of the firing line.
  12. Range Fee for all guests must be paid in order to use the facilities. The club member is responsible for collecting the daily use fee of $2.00 for each guest. Fees go in “Fee Can” in 200 Yard Practice Container.
  13. Use of the range is at the sole risk of the user, who shall be solely responsible for such use.
  14. All persons under 21 must have an adult member present at all times while shooting.
  15. No Off Road ATV or Motorcycle riding on the range.
  16. No dogs are allowed on the range.
  17. All wildlife shall be protected on the range.
  18. Membership cards must be available or conspicuously displayed when using the range. Persons, other than Centerville Police Officers, not displaying membership cards will be asked to show their cards or leave the range until their cards can be presented.
  19. Range may not be used for any commercial ventures.
  20. Any person disregarding rules, or violating safety procedures or range procedures WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE RANGE AND MAY BE EXPELLED FROM MEMBERSHIP! MEMBERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR GUESTS.

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